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Horse Trailer Cover

Horse Trailer Cover

These quality Horse Trailer Covers, in an attractive dark green material, are made for Equibrand in Britain by one of Europe's leading cover manufacturers.

The Tri-laminate material has a dark green outer layer, that protects your trailer from the worst of the weather. A middle membrane layer, allows the trailer to breath, reducing condensation, but remains waterproof. Then an inner layer of soft white non abrasive fabric, next to the G.R.P. surface of the trailer. This material was developed for Motor home and Caravan covers It will help protect from:-
Tree sap, bird droppings and dirt, guard against black mould streaks, and winter greening of the roof and sides.

Fitted with heavy duty securing straps, and supplied with extending fitting poles, small cover for coupling head, and free storage bag. Manufacturers guarantee.

These covers can help deter vandals and theft.

Here is a guide to the prices. Phone us with details of your trailer make and model for your price.

We can of course make covers for all modern Bateson, Ifor Williams, Rice, Richardson, Fautras, Pegusas, Cheval Liberte, Bockmann and Equitrek Horse Trailers.

Ref HTC0 Horse Trailer Cover (most standard size 1 horse)
Ref HTC1 Horse Trailer Cover (most standard size 2 horse)
Ref HTC2 Large Horse (510, Show Treka M, Space Treka L or M)
Ref HTC4 Large Horse (Show Treka L, Equi Tek Tri axle all models)

Please refer to the link below for prices.

Other trailers: please call for price

Optional Tyre Covers can be supplied in pairs, they simply slide over and tie on. One size fits all.

Ref TW1 Pair of Tyre Covers, fits all