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Trailer & Caravan Postcoding

Rooftop Postcode

Rooftop Postcodes

Equibrand 'Tops' were developed as a means of spotting stolen trailers as the thief makes his get away. All motorways and garage forecourts, together with a growing number of town centres, are equipped with CCTV cameras located on tall posts looking down on the rooftops of vehicles. Police trials have shown that the 'Tops' can be clearly seen, probably before the thief even knows he is about to get caught.

We supply you with your Postcode in 264mm (10") high digits, made from a special self-adhesive vinyl. The postcode is pre-spaced and is supplied in two halves on release paper to make application as simple as possible.

There are two types 'Super' or 'Standard'. The 'Super' are designed to be easy to apply but are very difficult to remove. These are for permanently marking your horse trailer as your property. The 'Standard' type were developed in response to caravan owners who wanted to mark, but also wanted the mark to be removable if necessary.

Ref T10 'TOPS' Vehicle rooftop postcode Super
Available in Black or White
Ref T6 'TOPS' Vehicle rooftop postcode Standard
Available in Black or White
Ref T14 'TOPS' Vehicle rooftop postcode Reflective
Available in Red, Black or White

All supplied with a theft deterrent sign to fix to your marked trailer.

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