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How your Postcode works

Example:- The postcode MK42 8LA illustrates the components as follows:
MK refers to the Postcode area, in this case Milton Keynes. These letters at the beginning of the Postcode are always based on letters from a city, town or district in the area. There are 120 Postcode areas in the Country.

MK42 refers to the Postcode District within the Postcode area of Milton Keynes. There are 2,900 Postcode districts within the Country. the number defines an area within the district. MK42 8 refers to the Postcode Sector, the number defines an area within the district. There are approximately 9000 of these Sectors in the Country.

The final two letters of MK42 8LA form the Postcode Unit. They define a group of approximately 15 properties within the Sector, which could be a street, part of a street, or even an individual large user. There are approximately 1.6 million Postcode Units in the U.K. which cover about 24 million Delivery Points/addresses.