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Forge Heated Branding Irons

Postcode Branded Hooves

Rosemary Bourne founder of Equibrand invented Postcode Hoof Branding in 1991 and holds the patent for this method of security marking horses, ponies and donkeys.

100% Successful as a Theft Deterrent

This method of Postcode Security Marking is 100% successful as a theft deterrent, with no 'Equibranded' horses being reported stolen to date. A claim that neither microchipping nor freeze branding (sometimes refered to as freeze marking) companies can make! Hoof branding is immediately visible from the day your farrier applies the brand.

If asked, your horse would surely choose this way of being marked. Hoof branding is completely painless and quick and easy for your farrier to apply. Importantly, it is visible, yet discreet. Protecting your horse from theft in this way couldn't be easier.

Pairs of Postcode Hoof Branding Irons

Postcode Branding Horse's Hoof

Equibrand supply you with two slightly curved branding irons, with handles approx. 450mm long. These branding irons depict your home or stable Postcode. The heads of these irons need heating in a forge and are designed to be applied by your farrier, who is usually pleased to brand whilst shoeing or trimming. Re-branding is necessary about two to three times annually, depending on hoof growth, on alternate pairs of hooves. The branding irons can be supplied with the digits of the postcode in two sizes, 9 or 12mm. The smaller 9mm size is usually used for branding donkeys and small ponies, or where a customer has a mixture of horses and ponies.

Ref. B9 Hoof Branding Irons with 9mm high postcode
Ref. B10 Hoof Branding Irons with 12mm high postcode

(Each pair of Branding Irons is supplied with 1 large and 2 small warning signs for displaying in the stable yard or on the field gate to warn theives that Postcode Security Marking is utilised)

Hoof Branding - Frequently Asked Questions

Forge Heated, Sets of Individual Branding Irons
0 - 9 & A - Z

We supply farriers with sets of single branding irons each having a single digit engraved on the die. Equibrand is one of the main suppliers to the Army Mounted Regiments, The Mounted Police forces, the Donkey Sanctuary and Polo clubs.

Equibrand hold the 'Patent' for postcode hoof branding of horses, ponies and donkeys in the U.K. However, to ensure as many owners as possible can protect their animals, they offer registered Farriers a Package consisting of a licence to provide the 'Equibrand' Postcode Hoof Branding Service for their customers and a complete set of branding irons.

Ref EQ09....Set Individual Branding Irons 0 - 9 inc. 9mm ( 3/8") digits
Ref EQAZ9....Set Individual Branding Irons A - Z inc. 9mm ( 3/8") digits
Ref EQ012....Set Individual Branding Irons 0 - 9 inc. 12mm ( 1/2") digits
Ref EQAZ12....Set Individual Branding Irons A - Z inc. 12mm ( 1/2") digits
Ref EQ016....Set Individual Branding Irons 0 - 9 inc. 16mm ( 5/8") digits
Ref EQAZ16....Set Individual Branding Irons A - Z inc. 16mm ( 5/8") digits

Forge Heated Individual Branding Irons

We can supply forge heated individual branding irons with the die engraved to depict a digit or group of digits or a design to be used to brand a number of different materials. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we will be pleased to prepare you a quote.