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Hoof Branding FAQ

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions:-

Hoof Branding a Donkey

Q. Does Hoof Branding really work?

A. Yes. To date it is 100% successful as a theft deterrent, with not a single "Equibranded" horse being reported stolen since Equibrand started in 1991. What other security marking company can make that claim?

Q. What are the advantages of Hoof Branding over other security marking methods?

A. If you want to protect your horse against theft using a visible but painless to apply mark, then this is the answer. Your own farrier applies the hoof branding itself, the Postcode provides an immediate link to your address that anyone can understand. There is no need to go to a private company's database. It is very cost effective as your branding irons can be used repeatedly to security mark any number of horses, ponies and donkeys.

Q. Is it safe and painless to apply?

A. Yes, Hoof branding has been used by the Cavalry to identify their horses since the First World War and is still used today, by the Household Cavalry, Kings Troop etc., proving it is safe and has been well tried and tested over many years.

Q. How often does it need doing?

A. Depending on hoof growth a horse normally needs re-branding 2-3 times a year. The first part of the Postcode is branded onto the front of the horses right hoof, the second onto the left hoof. The Postcode then reads across the horse from left to right when facing it. Once the brands have grown down no lower than clench height, the other pair of hooves are branded, alternating front and hind pairs.

Q. What if I have horses, ponies and donkeys, can the branding Irons be used for all?

A. Yes, two sizes of Postcode are available, and our customers find that if they buy the smaller size these can be used on all their animals.

Q. Could a thief remove the Postcode from my horse's hooves?

A. The branding irons are designed so the Postcode is branded onto both hooves to a depth of one eighth of an inch. It should therefore be obvious if someone tried to rasp it out.

Q. What do Equibrand actually supply me with?

A. Equibrand supply you with your own craftsman made pair of steel hoof branding irons depicting your Postcode and three theft deterrent warning signs to display prominently on your property, to deter any potential thief.

Q. How would a thief know my horses were security marked?

A. Equibrand supplies three bright yellow theft deterrent "Warning" signs to display on field gates and stables advertising that your horses are Postcoded by Equibrand - Security on the Hoof!

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