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Electric Branding Irons

Electric Branding Irons

Equibrand supply high quality hand held, or drill press mounted commercial branding tools manufactured by Europe's leading makers in Germany. These quality commercial tools are available in a huge power range, with either single or double handles depending on the power specified. Most these days are supplied in 230 volts form. Hand held branding irons are very straightforward to use, they need no outside power source, just simply need plugging into the mains electricity supply, then after a short time to warm up they are ready to use over and over again. These tools have changed very little over the years apart from modifications to conform to E.C Directives.

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Branding for Security

Ref. Post 6 Electrically heated Branding Iron with Postcode in 6mm high digits
Ref. Post 12 Electrically heated Branding Iron with Postcode in 12mm high digits
Ref. Post 25 Electrically heated Branding Iron with Postcode in 25mm high digits

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Models Post 6, Post 12, Post 25 are supplied with an in-line temperature regulator to permit 'die plate' temperature adjustments needed for marking some plastics and delicate woods.
All these tools are delivered ready to use and come with six theft deterrent warning signs.

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