Equibrand Steel Stamps - professional marking

Hand Stamps

Steel hand stamps used in many manufacturing processes can be supplied to customers' design, or with the European standard lettering typeface. These precision tools are made from high quality tool steel to DIN 7353 and are engraved with either numbers or letters, or a combination of both. The type characters are to European spec. DIN 1451. We can also engrave outline logos and designs to your patterns.

Jewellery and Precious Metals Stamps

We supply all types of Metal Punches, and Hand Stamps for the Jewellery and Precious metals trade. We use European standard lettering typeface or we can produce from your digital artwork (jpeg or pdf file). Assay marks, Outline Logos, letters, numbers or a combination of both.

Two types are available:

  1. Normal straight shaft.
  2. Cranked shaft for marking the inside of rings etc.

Control Stamps

These steel stamps are similar in specification to the hand stamps, but are engraved with individual simple identification symbols.

Steel Hand Stamps: Control Symbols

Welder's Control Stamps

Also similar to the hand stamps for quality, these stamps can be engraved with a combination of letters and numbers set within a border which can be either round, square, oblong, oval or triangular.

Steel Hand Stamps: Welder's Control Symbols
Steel Stamps