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Branding Tools or Branding Irons are used for making a permanent mark that cannot be removed without physical damage being apparent. The Marking is permanent and since no colour or chemicals are required, it is very environment friendly. The mark is made by heating and discolouration or deformation (plastics) of the material. These Tools are often used for labelling or identification of goods or property, applying manufacturing marks, for traceability, registration numbers or for promotions. Also for security and theft deterrent marking of, scaffolding boards, computer monitors, office equipment, hire equipment, and construction equipment, Commonly used for marking names or registration numbers on wooden and plastic pallets, cases, barrels, furniture and almost any product that can accept a heat mark.

Electronic branding irons as they are sometimes called are chosen by many businesses in preference to printing, stamping or stencilling as the branded mark is as permanent as is practical. The wide range of users of Equibrand branding tools include worldwide shipping lines, crafts people, forestry and timber product manufacturers, food and drinks producers, law enforcement, public houses, motorsport and many others.

Commercial 230v electric branding Irons

Equibrand supply high quality hand held, or drill press mounted commercial branding tools manufactured by Europe's leading makers for the workplace. These quality 230v commercial electric tools are available in a huge power range, with either single or double handles depending on the size. Hand held branding tools are very straightforward to use, just need plugging into the mains electricity supply, and after a short warm up time are ready to use over and over again. The tools have changed very little over the years apart from modifications to conform to E.C. directives.

Two ranges of electrically heated branding tools

Light to medium usage Tools with inserted plate.
Power from 80 – 400 watts
Branded mark from 10mm x 10mm up to 110mm x 30mm, or circular impressions up to 60mm diameter.
This range can be hand held or standard drill press mounted.

Heavier usage Tools with screw-on plate.
Power from 500 x 2500 watts
Branded mark from 105mm x 50mm to 400 x 100mm.
This range can be hand held using the screw in handle. Alternatively we can fit a spigot for use with your Press or Jig.

Bespoke individually engineered tools - Can be slotted for individual characters or whole removable engraved plates.

Tools can be specified with especially engineered branding plates. These can be slotted to accommodate individual letters/numbers or symbols 5 – 40mm high which are interchangeable. Also engraved interchangeable plates or part plates that are secured with set screws.

Temperature adjustable

More delicate material can be branded with a very versatile Tool that has an in-line temperature regulator that permits die plate temperature adjustments so that a whole range of plastics and other brand able materials can be marked with the same tool.


Wood Pallets – ISPM 15 compliant marking, with IPPC registration.

Wooden pallets all need to be marked with the forestry logo and your registration number. Also branding wooden or plastic pallets is an ideal method of highlighting these items as your property and that they should be returned to you after use. Pallets are used to transport goods around the country and throughout Europe and can often end up in some very obscure places making them hard to retrieve. If they are not marked they will never be returned and you will incur the expense of replacement.

Wooden or plastic boxes, cases, crates and barrels

All businesses are required to segregate waste for recycling these days. This has created a problem, how do you permanently mark your waste containers (i.e. Meat waste, Veg waste etc) these containers need to be deep cleaned and most marks will wash off after a time. A branded mark cannot be washed off as it is etched into the fabric of the container and will therefore last

Road works furniture

Many road building and repair contractors now find a need to mark road works furniture. Such items as traffic cones, traffic barriers and even the tyres of earth moving diggers and machinery, are often left on site for a lengthy time and their rightful owner may be hard to trace in order that they are safely returned when a contract is complete. Also if they marked it may deter theft and if they are stolen you can prove they are your property.

Motor sport

We are regularly contacted by motor sport preparation companies for branding irons to mark E.C type approval numbers on cars and equipment. Many people are now branding vehicle tyres and tools; this practice is used in the motor racing industry particularly to identify which racing tyres are designated for a particular event. Others use the permanent distinctive mark made by branding irons to advertise the trademark or symbol of their sponsor. Household names such as M. Sport, Prodrive and Red Bull have all used our branding irons recently.

Designer furniture

Many highly skilled furniture makers use heat branding marks to personalize their work. They use traditional materials crafted often with traditional tools so it seems natural to use a traditional method to personalize their products. Branding irons to mark wooden furniture are often cheaper as branding wood does not require a temperature control unit.

Branding for craftsmen

There is a growing demand from Wood-turners, Wood workers, Woodcarvers, Cabinet makers and Musical instrument makers, who find this traditional method of marking the most acceptable and sympathetic way of personalizing their products.

Pubs and restaurants

Now provide outside/smoking areas, to comply with NO SMOKING laws Owners and managers have already found that the opportunist thief is targeting their furniture and equipment, which is often out of the immediate sight of the staff. Many hundreds of pounds of equipment can disappear in seconds, and on top of that loss is the ongoing loss of business until it can be replaced. Branding with a Name, Postcode or symbol discourages the potential thief and should items get stolen it makes them identifiable as your property if it is recovered. Branding irons to mark wooden indoor or outdoor furniture are often cheaper than those mentioned above as branding wood does not usually require a temperature control unit. Another alternative is if you have a suitable heat source we can supply fire brands that are physically heated in a forge, open fire or even a barbeque. Call us to discuss the best option for you and we can give you a price, and delivery date.

Equibrand are always pleased to talk through your branding requirements and advise on what is achievable, and what designs will produce, with a commercial branding tool.


If you want more details and examples of usage etc., please read on:-

E.E.C Directives

E.C. Traceability symbols
E.C. Recycling symbols

We are finding that E.U. directives are increasingly dictating that goods and materials should be marked with required symbols. These symbols advise either their origin, for tracking, and identification, and also clearly illustrate their material make up to permit easy recycling. Wooden items from bulk timber, to pallets to furniture may need their origin marked. Abattoirs need to mark certain meats with their E.C. registration number for traceability. Plastic and electrical goods need to show their material make up for ease of recycling after use. Even gas pipelines and electrical cabling need to be identifiable quickly, cleanly and efficiently. We supply electrically heated branding tools with fixed plates, slotted plates (with interchangeable letters/numbers) or screw on interchangeable plates. This variety of format caters for permanent marking as is an E C requirement for small runs with many changes to long runs with few or no changes.

The BPF recommended marks for plastic identification

PET and HDPE symbols

MARKING very small plastic parts or components: The above marks are not always possible, as the smallest size lettering is normally 5mm high. This therefore needs a slightly different layout to fit onto very small areas. The following marks are used for this purpose but have not yet been adopted by the authorities.

PET and HDPE symbols for small lettering

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