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Electric Branding Irons: Frequently Asked Questions

What voltage are the branding tools you supply?

230 volts AC, as used in most of Europe.

Are all the branding tools you supply hand held?

We can supply hand held, single and two handed, or drill press mounted tools.

What materials can be branded?

Wood, rubber, most plastics or cardboards, and Foamex.

How long does it take for a branding tool to get to working temperature?

Working temperature takes normally about 15-20mins

How many items can be branded once the tool is up to working temperature?

After the tool has reached working temperature (normally about 15-20mins) approx. 20 items can be marked then a short (3-5mins) delay to allow the tool to regain working temperature, then another 20 items.

What is an in-line voltage regulator for?

This allows the operator to vary the 'die' temperature to accommodate the burn/melt level of different materials.

Do the tools you supply comply with European safety regulations?

Yes. We can supply the approval certificates for our branding tools.

Do Equibrand provide a branding service?

No. We supply the tools for others to apply the brand mark.

How do we order a tool from Equibrand?

We prefer written orders, but can also accept e-mail or verbal orders where we have quoted for the tool.

How can we pay?

As all our tools are specifically made to customers specifications so we ask for full payment in GB Pounds with order. We ask for payment by Bank transfer using the faster payment service.

How long does delivery take?

We normally try to turn all orders round in 7-10 working days. However we will always try to reschedule production to best accommodate our customers' deadlines.

What is the optional RCD plug?

We offer the choice of a normal UK three pin power plug as standard, or the option of an RCD plug (at extra cost) which offers additional operator protection.

How will Equibrand deliver our order?

We normally use Royal Mail's Special Delivery service. This is insured, guaranteed next day delivery, to most UK addresses. On very large bulky orders, we may use Parcelforce Worldwide 24 or 48 hour service.

Can we obtain branding tools with interchangeable letters and numbers?

Yes. There are three options:
1. A tool with a machined slot that accepts a number of individual letters or numbers.
2. A tool with a special 'die plate' that can accept interchangeable plates.
3. A tool that is mounted in a drill press type assembly that has a number of wheels engraved either with specific letters or 0-9 numbers. These can be rotated to change the mark even while the tool is running at operating temperature.

Electric brand with interchangeable characters
RCD, Voltage Regulator and Electric Branding Iron

RCD Circuit Breaker, Voltage Regulator and Electric Branding Iron