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All-Weather Covers For Enclosed Car Transporter Trailers

Racing Car Transporter Trailer

These All-Weather Covers have been developed to help protect white or painted GRP enclosed car transportation trailers. We are told these trailers rapidly become very dirty when parked up for a period of time, particularly over the closed season. All manner of dirt and mould streaks soon build up, making the trailer look tatty. Birds particularly after feasting on elderberries, all seem to think your trailer has been parked so they can 'poo' on it! These accumulated stains and marks are difficult to wash off when you come to use your trailer for the new season. The answer is the Equibrand Car Trailer Cover.

Car Transporter Trailer Cover

These quality Car Trailer Covers, in an attractive dark green material, are manufactured for Equiband in Britain by one of Europe's leading cover manufacturers.

The Tri-laminate material has a dark green outer layer. A middle membrane layer, allows the trailer to breath, reducing condensation, but remains waterproof. Then an inner layer of soft white non abrasive fabric, next to the G.R.P. surface of the trailer. This material was developed for motor home and caravan covers.

The covers are supplied complete with heavy duty securing straps, and useful extending fitting poles, a small cover for the coupling head, and a storage bag. Manufacturer's guarantee.

These covers can help deter vandals and theft.

Ref CTC1 Cover Enc. Car Trailer (B.J.Minno)
Ref CTC2 Cover Enc. Car Trailer (B.J.Sprint Shuttle, PRG Prosporter 15' BJ Race Shuttle, PRG Prosporter 17')
Ref CTC4 Cover Enc. Car Trailer (PRG Prosporter 19')

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Other trailers: please call for price

Optional Tyre Covers can be supplied in pairs, they simply slide over and tie on. One size fits all.

Ref TW1 Pair of Tyre Covers, fits all

We can also supply matching Motor Home Covers for most models.