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Company Profile

Rosemary Bourne

Rosemary Bourne founded Equibrand in 1991. Having been "Horse Mad" from the age of two, it was only natural for horses to play a major part in her life. Being involved both professionally and personally with horses for many years, she realised the increasing need to protect horses from being stolen.

Equibrand was born as a result of her inventing a revolutionary new method to security mark horses by branding their hooves with the owner's Postcode. The concept was literally dreamt up one night by Rosemary who was not comfortable about the existing security marking methods available to help protect horses from theft. She felt that there must be something visible yet more discreet than a large "number plate" on a beautiful animal's back!

A Patent was granted, giving Equibrand exclusivity to Postcode Hoof Branding. This unusual idea was given extensive media coverage on the major TV Channels and in both daily and Sunday national newspapers, which stimulated enormous interest. Although the original idea was for the equine world, the range of products soon expanded to include equipment to Postcode security mark a wide variety of valuable property.

Rosemary's husband Richard, whose career has involved him in Sales and Commercial management with the Brewing Industry and Royal Mail, joined the business in 1997.

The business moved in two directions as demand for electrically heated branding tools took off. Due partly to the many E.C. directives that now demand timber, meat and many other products are marked so that their place of origin can be traced.

Many businesses in the Timber industry use Equibrand heat branding tools. Pallet makers to personalise the pallets for their customers and to mark with the IPPC registration number. Fencing makers mark posts with the 'supply by' date to safeguard guarantee times are not exceeded.

Waste material of all types needs to be segregated these days and the plastic bins and boxes have to be permanently marked in such a way that will withstand deep cleaning.

The idea of branding, which is an ancient and well proven method of marking has been discovered by advertising agencies to mark many items, an example being 'burger buns' as a novelty at product launch receptions. Also for trendy restaurants to brand wooden steak platters with their name, apart from the obvious demand from bespoke furniture makers and musical instrument makers.

They say a good business should never stand still, but move forward to progress. Equibrand is constantly expanding into new areas; and many new products evolve as a result of a customer's unusual request. Both Rosemary and Richard enjoy the daily challenges of offering a customer exactly the right product they are looking for and take great pride in giving personal customer service.

The Products Page lists not only security marking and safety equipment but also a wide range of branding irons depicting company names and Logos.

If you can't find what you require, please contact Equibrand.